Words to help us help each other.

This is about every and any misunderstanding. However, I wrote this to help me find the strength to understand  the balance in love.
When the love is lost, it can be  found again when you help someone achieve what they need to live a full and happy life.
I don’t think this was meant to be a poem or a song or anything.. but interpret it as you will!

When the harmony in love is unbalanced,
It’s often hard to know what’s best.

We should work together,
because the answer is often
out of our control.

Let’s make this fear of the unknown
a common understanding

Let’s help each other realize
what we need to change and be excited
for each others next steps.

If we help each other be honest
with ourselves, we can have confidence
and a peace filled mind
throughout the journey of our lives.

If we help each other to realize that
the answer is often out of our control;
there can be harmony within ourselves.

If we help each other find
what the other is looking for;

we can find the love we were lacking before.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope this brings some joy to your lives!

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Inspirational words on humans. Quick and dirty.

Its safe to say that people constantly experience changes. We never stop growing throughout our entire lives. These constant changes are what introduce people to new things, repeatedly stepping outside of their former boundaries to open up to the endless possibilities of life.

What we know literally shapes how we perceive things and how we interact with the world around us. It is through OUR introspection and experience that we, as humans, identify with our surroundings and adapt:
not only survive, but thrive and improve our environment.

If what we think is so important to us, then what happens when people have no confidence in their own thoughts? What happens when people no longer see the difference between being told and discovering on their own. What happens when a human no longer see’s the influence and purpose of their existence as the great thinkers of the Earth? as an individual or as a collective, Isn’t it important to exist harmoniously with what you perceive the world to be?

We should never forget who we are and what we are capable of as human beings! Pay attention to those sparks of happiness we experience every day; those moments when we feel “good” about who we are and what we can accomplish as an individual and collective. Those are the moments that guide us to realize our un noticed significance, and make the changes that we want to see.

Hope you guys enjoyed the words, hopefully some nice thoughts come out of it.

I might use this in the trailer for a documentary I’m shooting this summer, actually!
The doc will be called “Disconnect” I think.

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Vlog 4 – Iron Eggs

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Taking responsibility for your own system

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with sleeping patterns. By taking 4-6 hour naps instead of sleeping for 8+ hours, I’d have to stop everything and think 2-3 times a day. And I’ve been asking myself “What is stress and anxiety, and why does it happen?

It’s easy to ignore stress if it becomes a part of your daily life. It also seems to be a similar occurrence with everyone else, so, “you’re not alone” 🙂
However, the little things that have built up, hidden behind a distracted agenda, linger in your mind once you take a break from your usual cycle.
— When I’m wide awake at 4 A.M there is a lot of time to think about “what’s different?

So, Basically,
A) certain things are accepted as normal when they happen constantly
B) by changing your cycle, some hidden perspectives take shape.

My only question is, who’s to blame?
 — Generally my answer is some wide generalization of “the system.”picture for vlog

Naturally, I would like to blame something I don’t understand to scape goat my own system that I am comfortably stuck inside, but this is not the case.
Is it productive to just blame society for your lack of personal independence and then move on depending on the system you dislike to feel comfortable?
— probably not.

     Alright then, so what’s my system like?
A)My system rates my activities on how it will benefit my future.. Not the present AND the future.
B)My system seeks to be rewarded by others. (Since I’ve never considered my own happiness in a “present” moment, congratulating myself doesn’t take the stress away.)
C)My system follows a lifestyle I disagree with, and pities myself for not finding a better one yet.
D)The system that believes doing irresponsible things is a reward for/makes me feel less controlled by the responsible things I do every day.

picture for vlog 2

Ultimately, why do I keep trying to seek pleasurable experiences when all my mind and body wants is to rest and reflect?

I think it’s easy tosay that many of us need to spend more time unwinding and spending time with ourselves.

After awhile, it’s hard to face what’s been hiding under our busy agenda’s

Life is full of opportunities to advance in whatever way you want to!
How you interpret this is up to you,
But if anything what Im saying is:
closing your eyes often,
and reflecting on how you feel
about the system you have created,

may help you on your journey.

Thanks for reading guys!

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A progress log on understanding personal happiness.

To me, Life is about trying new things and discovering the hidden lessons and opportunities that become available through the development of skills and projects.
Keeping in mind, the ultimate goal is to grow older with lessons and memories of doing too much and too little.

“I will attain peace of mind through the wisdom gained from the many ways that I’ve tried to go.”

I agree that happiness is a direction and not a place.
I believe the path you have made thus far creates and strengthens your individual understanding of life and your place within it.

“By looking back at what I’ve done, I will know where and when I need to go.”

To me, life is about gaining the wisdom that free’s your spirit,
and the confidence to live and share knowledge by ones own standard.

“It becomes easier to move forward, when you have done it many times before.”

Thanks for reading.

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Talking to myself: the difference between humble and self-defeating

My third vlog! After this one, im going to start documenting my days more with my camera 🙂 Im really excited because I love filming! and this is the perfect way to talk more about my days and have memories to remember for when I am older 😀

My blogs after this one with be more about working up to getting a documentary prepared that Im self-filming this summer!


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Re-connecting: hidden lessons in life

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Re-connecting to what interests me.

It’s harder to go into something when you are depending on the end results to make you feel good, instead of the process itself.  I’ve been doing that for awhile.. Long enough to make me forget how easy it is to do something you love!
I love thinking, and I love sharing, and I love connecting. I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve always wanted to record an album. I’ve always wanted to film a documentary. I’ve always wanted to have a blog where I can make connections with all sorts of different people all over!

I’ve written stories, I’ve recorded dozens of singles, I’ve filmed shorts and music video’s and the like, i’ve posted on a blog.. So what stops me from  fulfilling these dreams?

My girlfriend and I have a similar perspective. We get so keen on who we want to be, and the achievements that we want to fulfill that we forget to connect with ourselves and slow down enough to just enjoy life.  People are very goal orientated, that’s for sure. Pre-planning is a great way to figure out where you want to go and how to get there.. However, I feel like people don’t take the time to slow down and re-connect with themselves.

And that’s what this this blog will do for me. Slow down, Noles. Just sit and think.. forget about the grammar. Forget about the plans. Forget about what you should be doing and what you truly want. There is nothing to do. You are full of food, with quenched thirst, in a warm bed with a capable mind.

This shouldn’t have to have a plan to it. Im just going to enjoy the moments I took to write this, however simple the concept of what Im saying is!

The fact that i am posting this on the internet somehow makes me feel better. As if me putting this out for anybody to view will connect me back with what I think about often: my interests.. not my goals.

So, I have started recording my album (not to finnish it, but to just enjoy making music and applying a similar theme across a bunch of music to help me think things through)
I have realized what to do for a documentary (it is seriously based on how anybody can do something they put their mind to with limited planning) (my album will be the soundtrack)
I have started writing a book (when the feeling is “write”)

and obviously.. Ive started to blog again. video and written.

It’s in my nature to try and make things as cool or extravagant as possible. But, Lifes good either way.. you just gotta realize what you truly want in a moment and gravitate towards that.

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Tired of Putting myself in line.

Okay.. Im having a really rough night.
It really is impossible to understand..

These are my feelings;
I feel that were all afraid to change things and step out of line because we’ll be punished.. just like weve been taught our whole lives.. if you dont do what teacher says.. youll be punished..

I feel like it’s impossible to keep focused on whats important to my brain when im constantly trying

to change myself in order to seem normal..
there is no curiosity in that.. there is no genuine care for anyone else other then yourself, and your fear of being punished or feeling guilty.
These are my feelings.. my real feelings.. this is something real that bothers me every fucking day.

Im so distracted by mindless entertainment, Im distracted by just trying to discifer what part of my thoughts are bullshit and which ones truly matter outside this fear… I feel that I CAN NOT truly analyze someone else genuinely because Im so concerned about this anxiety.

I already know these things should not be important, I hold others above me.. like the teacher that put me in time out for talking about sex in SK. Like the time my teacher riduculed me for doing my project on “the toughest thing Ive ever done” being school work.

For all the times all I wanted to do was care for others, but was punished for being weak and labelled dumb or naive.. well now Im using this confusion to just say fuck it post this whole thought into this little box. Because im sick and tired of following whats provided for me.

I am here writing this to say a serious go fuck myself, and maybe when I wake up tomorrow, i can be a little more true to myself and stop all the half truths and shortcuts I take to forget that this anxiety truly does exist inside me.

The only answer is the truth, and the truth is that we are living a world where people are so self-consumed they make life way the fuck harder then it needs to be.

I am going to wake up tomorrow, make some fuckinh pancakes, eat the fucking pancakes, and ask myself what is the first thing I would like someone to do for me today. and then go and do it for someone else.

i am not naive, and I do not deserve to be anxious. tomorrow i will make someones day through an act of kindness, and then I will know there is more to life then this box i seal myself in. And if they do not accept my kindness, it is because they are still inside that box.

I guess this rant just needed to happen. Goodnight.

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something to pass through the mind

ask yourself what really matters.. and then ask yourself why your upset
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